Swimwear Fashion Trends For Plus Sized Women

Shopping for swimwear is hard for everyone, but it is especially tricky for plus sized women. Finding a trendy, right sized bathing suit with good quality can be really complicated. The important point of swimwear shopping is finding a piece that you makes you feel comfortable and confident.

In the past, most plus sized women avoid bikinis. They usually prefer black, one-piece bathing suits to cover up their bodies as much as possible. However, curvy girls can look very good in bikinis as well, they just have to find the right piece. It is okay that not every women feel good in a bikini, there are many good and stylish options in one piece swimwear as well. Here are tips for swimwear shopping for plus sized women:

Try different colour and prints

Do not limit yourself to wear only black. Try different prints and vibrant colours. Those can give you a younger and more fun look!

Look for good support

Midsection control is important for your comfort in swimwear. Chest support is another important detail. Remember, your comfort is the most important in any type of clothing.

Do not afraid of trying a bikini

Embracing your gorgeous curves and wearing a bikini is totally okay for plus sized women. High waisted bottom pieces can offer you shaping just like one pieces. Another advantage of bikini is that you can shop for top and bottom pieces separately. Many plus sized woman are wider in the bottom area but have a small chest which makes it harder to find a perfectly fitted one-piece. Buying a bikini with two separate parts helps you to find a perfect fit.

Try different silhouettes

You can try one piece swim suits or bikinis with different silhouettes like an open neck line or a cutout.

– Try a monokini

If you carry most of your weight in the hip area and have a smaller waist, monokinis will look great on you. Do not avoid to try creative models.

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